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never in a million years would I ask a tambourine man to play a song for me

– keith buckley (@deathoftheparty) March 22, 2015


It seems that the majority of women out there do not enjoy receiving dick pics, so they especially don’t enjoy receiving them from strangers. Sadly, this does not stop a lot of guys from sending them anyway. However, if they send any to Darcey, they are probably not going to appreciate her response, and hopefully will think twice about sending photos of their private parts to anyone ever again.

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You may never have realized this, but everyone in the bar is judges you based solely on the song you choose for your karaoke performance. It may not be fair, but it’s the truth, so choose wisely. Before you get up for one more performance, take a look at this handy guide to see what your karaoke song of choice actually says about you.

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If you think any picture posted on social media is as simple as snapping a pic, then uploading it, you could not be more wrong. It’s a process. It’s a journey. Before you scroll by one more new profile picture without liking it, take into consideration the work and diligence it took to create that masterpiece. Here are the 10 steps involved in creating a girl’s profile picture.

1. Do that thing where you put your fingers in your hair like you’re scratching it really quickly so it gives it more volume?
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If we’re being honest, actually washing our bodies is pretty low on the list of things we do in the shower. For some reason it’s so easy to get distracted in the shower, despite nothing being in there except you and a bunch of assorted gels. Unless you’re running late and in a giant hurry, here are the 13 things you do every time you take a shower.

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You would think parents would have learned their lesson about attempting to take a beautiful and loving photo with their babies by now. Not too long ago, this father learned his lesson the hard way. Apparently these two young parents didn’t see get a chance to see it.

As you’ll see, if you’d like to take a nice photo with your newborn, it’s best to make sure they are at least wearing a diaper. For the last time, babies do not like photo shoots and they will take revenge on you the only way they know how.

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By now we’ve all heard the news that Bruce Jenner is currently in the process of transitioning from male to female. The announcement only came recently, but he’s apparently been at it for while. So, we took a look at some of his photos from the past to his most current and we found the the change is absolutely noticeable and mindblowing. Have a look for yourself.

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You may have missed the first collection of Jarrod Allen hilariously recreating a bunch of female Tinder profile pics, but have no fear…the man has kept at it for the sake of all of you. And this collection is quite possibly funnier than the first. Take a look at these and then do yourself a favor and check out the first batch as well. After all, this is what the Internet was made for.

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