Every year, new words are added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Last year it was words like selfie and hashtag along with about 150 others. Well, if the Merriam-Webster folks are looking for a little help with their additions in 2015, they should start here. The following 21 words include clever mashups, brilliant puns and other fun combinations that are reflective of our times. Add them to your vocab now and be ahead of the curve.

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Our first edition of the worst parents ever may have convinced you that there truly was no way for any other parents to be as horrible as the ones included in that roundup. Well, as you know by the title of this post, you were wrong. There are many, many, many horrible parents walking the earth, so we’re here to introduced you to quite a few more of them.

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Look, how many times do we have to tell you people not to air out all of your dirty laundry on social media for the world to see. It’s perfectly alright to keep some things to yourself, you know? Trust us here. Keep it to yourself, otherwise you’ll end up on a list like this all over the Internet.

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We like to think we’re pretty smart here at Mandatory. But just because we think something doesn’t mean it’s true. We certainly aren’t much competition for all of the geniuses responsible for all of the images below. Forget your Albert Einsteins and your Stephen Hawkings…these are the real brilliant minds walking amongst us.

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Imagine seeing someone take a selfie ten years ago. You’d think they were completely insane. Nowadays cell phone cameras have to have a feature that lets you take a photo of your own face because we’ve become obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves. The internet is flooded with people trying to outdo each other with the most over the top and absurd selfies. Unfortunately, we’ve looked through more of them than any human should, and put together the 50 worst selfies ever posted online. Brace yourself because it is not a pretty sight to see.

50. What if this was before some sort of chicken prom?
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Beware the siren song of the half naked, dancing women, my friend, for nothing but harm will come in the end. If Greek mythology has taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t let a few beautiful women make you incapable of rational thought. Will we ever learn? Apparently, not.

All of which is just a really nice way of saying: watch this idiot bro try to jump onto a boat full of grinding bikini babes. And fail. Fail real bad.